Professional Services

IM Security’s Professional Services is meant to support your IT needs seamlessly. With us around, you can enhance productivity of your business systems with the deployment of custom-specific applications and solutions. Your business gains from enhanced operational flexibility, augmented capabilities for delivery of improved services to your customers, and faster turnaround times from our team.

Our professional services can be broadly classified under four heads:

  1. Architecture, Design and Planning

The basis of meeting the rising demands of a competitive market is having the right IT architectural infrastructure. IM Security acts as your partner architect offering solutions that are meant to meet your organizational needs and objectives. We ideate, design and engineer a befitting solution and then implement the same to meet enterprise ICT infrastructural problems and gaps. Two core aspects that we focus upon are:

– IT Solutions that are qualitative; and

– IT Solutions that are oriented towards and meet the technical vision of the situation.

  1. Assessment and Analysis

Choosing the right solution needs to be based on due diligence. We assess and evaluate your current enterprise system and solution to understand what it lacks and what can be done to enhance the performance across the entire ecosystem. This is the most important step and requires knowledge to carry out extensive analysis of enterprise requirements.

  1. Migrations and upgrades

Based on our assessment report, we advise suitable solutions that range from upgrading the system to migrating to a new IT Environment. All this is done in conjunction with your internal IT team so that the most cost-effective decision is reached.

  1. Installation and Configuration

Finally, we assist with the implementation of the chosen plan to ensure a smooth transition.

Why IM Security?

As technology evolves and grows, you need expertise and specialists to help with enterprise technical ecosystem transformation to meet the growing requirements of the business. IM Security has the right talent in-house to undertake as well as monitor the digital transformation by using the right practises, tools and methodology to ensure cost-effective solutions.

We help you:

– Decide the best solution and choose from a plethora of technical solutions and products present in the market.

– Define the various components of the architecture and the scope that need solution technologies so that specific business issues can be resolved viably.

– Assess and understand the risks associated, and implement the solution.

– Monitor the progress and hand-hold/train your in-house team to complete the transition.

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