Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Next Generation Firewalls or NGFW the are vested with advanced technology and intelligent mechanisms that makes devices much more powerful than the conventional firewalls. These Next Generation Firewall or NGFW devices convert the network into a failproof system by keeping a check over the entry and exit of traffic on the network and having enhanced features for intrusion detection, breach prevention, network visibility, geolocation, sandboxing, URL checking and full-web proxy service.

Here are some of the latest and the most credible ones in the industry. We certainly recommend these next-gen firewalls. Speak to us so that we can help you choose the right NGFW for your network.

Cisco Next Generation Firewall:

Cisco Next Generation Firewall delivered by the world’s best and leading IT and networking solution provider, Cisco NGFW offers a sophisticated level of threat defense system. Intelligent and apt for comprehensive visibility, this is the perfect solution for enhanced threat visibility over complex hybrid and distributed networks. Plus, all this is possible with thorough integration of next-generation firewall capabilities into the existing network infrastructure.

F5 – Global Traffic Manager (GTM):

This is the right solution for blocking off harmful domains, thereby helping mitigate DNS threats. Responsible for managing DNS traffic, F5 – Global Traffic Manager is responsible for enhanced visibility and analysis for surviving all sorts of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in all kinds of hybrid environment.


An intelligent device that helps organizations face and repel all types of cyber security threats because they are specialists in the field. FireEye systems are technically powered to assist with advanced network security, email security, endpoint security and detection on demand services.

Juniper Next Generation Firewall (NGFW):

Juniper Next Generation Firewall system offers a comprehensive and integrated platform for dealing intelligently with all cyber-attacks and impending threats. Juniper NGFW system are designed to meet and block all kinds of complex threats that modern-day technology can be a target of.

Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall (NGFW):

Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall offers integrated enterprise security that works on the prevention-based architecture and model. The brand has a family of NGFWs that is backed by experience and expertise, such Physical appliances that can be deployed physically into the network; Virtualized firewalls that offer threat protection and prevention in the cloud systems; and 5G-ready firewalls that are meant for use in the mobile networks of service providers.

Sophos Next Generation Firewall (NGFW):

Sophos Next Generation Firewall offers centralized management with high-powered network visibility and superior network threat detection and prevention features. Two characteristics that make the Sophos firewall system stand out are, simplicity and security.

Safe and security are two faces to one coin called success, so the next generation firewalls are considered the right path for gaining both safe and security.
Next generation firewalls or NGFW contains advanced mechanisms and tools that are so advanced and sophisticated much more than the conventional firewalls.

The next generation of the firewall is characterized:

  • Fully controlled and monitored by monitoring and following the entry and exit actions.

  • Detecting early penetration attempts

  • Determining the geographical location

  • Controlling the network

  • Establishing an integrated and safe protection system and checking the URL

IM Security offers you a variety of advanced firewall and Vendors that we all recommend to all users.

Contact us so that we can help you nominate the most appropriate choice according to your need, which will provide the best possible use and safe.

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