Professional Implementation Services

IM Security offers end-to-end IT services and solutions, offering advanced technical support to businesses from a single roof. From designing to planning, development to implementation services, we offer support on an ongoing basis so that the IT infrastructure and models of our clients keep working with seamless effectiveness. We offer capabilities covering all models onsite, offsite, on the cloud or third-party linked entities.
As part of our flexible and adaptable IT support and implementation services, we cover the following areas:
• Project Management – We offer turnkey solutions that begin with planning, defining the scope, designing, strategizing, organizing and executing so that we are able to deliver goal-specific resolutions and services to our clients. With experience and the right skill set in-house, we are able to initiate and complete projects within the defined time frame and budget to meet the definite scope of the project. Be it any area of business, we are attuned to offering solutions that are precise, safe and cost-effective.
•   Site Surveys: We believe in the best practices and we start from the basics. We inspect the work area and understand the exact requirements of our clients. We also work towards gathering maximum possible information before we set out to define the scope of work and start with the designing of solutions.
•   Pre-configuration Questionnaire: It is the way to record a set of information related to pre-configuration and configuration of applications. We help design and save questions that are relevant to configuration of systems and applications so that the installation of the said application becomes a convenient task for system administrators and the IT team.
•   Site Engineering: From software engineering to hardware and network solutions, IM Security offers all-inclusive IT solutions that help businesses deal with technological challenges. As part of our Site Engineering role, we develop networking and software applications to meet business-specific goals.
•   Physical Installation: In the next phase, our hardware and network engineers ensure the physical set-up of the various components pertaining to hardware, virtualization, operating systems, servers, network devices and peripherals for optimizing the IT architecture of the client.
•   Unpacking and Staging: With the development work almost nearing its end, in this phase we stage the IT environment so that the software can be tested, assessed and updated to meet quality assurance and quality control standards before commissioning of the system.
Commissioning: The new advanced application is integrated with the existing infrastructure to become fully operational in the final phase of project requirement.

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