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IM Security is committed to conducting its operations while providing a safe and healthy workplace for each employee. It is well known to IM Security management that achieving high levels of Health and Safety (H&S) performance contributes to customer satisfaction, business results and employee motivation.

Due to information technology and the accelerated development in all fields especially technology, IT services become an urgent need to any company.
IT services consume time, provide innovative ideas and processes to manage the company well, increase productivity, reduce costs, improve proficiency and achieve the company’s goals efficiently.

Accordingly, many IT services companies in Egypt emerged to provide IT database, IT solutions and IT security for business world.

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The growing of companies that use IT in their business to contact employees, minimize delay in answering emails and ease their business, it increased the opportunity for cybercrimes to spread. These cybercrimes are such as malware, malicious sites, trafficking, and stealing information and identifies. So, IT services companies in Egypt provide IT Security to protect data of companies, block phishing messages, inappropriate content, threats, and malware and prevent data loss.

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  • Although IM Security provides protection against internet malware and threats, there are many risks in using it. The malware may be directed at unshielded IT software. So, companies and organizations should make sure of who use IT networks and how they are used, and should also have anti-malware or URL filtering built-in. Also, firewall tunneling can be risky. Some users can access on an open port on the firewall. One of the new apps that provide more security against malwares and threats, and are always tested for vulnerabilities is slack.

  • Regarding risks of IT Security, IT Services companies started to develop IT Security in some apps to prevent malwares, threats and stealing information and data. These develops are such accessing to scan URL, preventing transmission of personal data, with holding links that may help in downloading malware or threats and preventing offensive content to be transferred through companies channels or employees private messages. Finally, with the rapid development in IT, there is an urgent need to provide more security tools and apps.